Although schools like Harvey Mudd and MIT no longer require SAT Subject Tests tests from their applicants, these colleges and MANY OTHERS still recommend them.

These exams can help your child demonstrate they are academically to qualified to handle the curriculum at colleges and universities.

Your child should aim to take 2 or 3 subject tests that cover subjects they have studied at the AP level.

If your child is fluent in a language other than English, they might want to consider one of the language tests as well.

While most colleges don’t require SAT Subject Test scores, many selective colleges will either require scores for specific majors or recommend your child take one or more of these exams.

Students applying for STEM majors at the top UC schools, like Berkeley and LA, will need to submit scores from the Math Level 2 exam and  one of three science exams.

U Penn doesn’t require SAT subject scores, but the school does make a point  of recommending that students take subject tests that are related to their selected major and submit scores as part of the application.

Ultimately, taking the SAT Subject Tests shows competence and interest in a specific  field of study. Coupled with solid SAT or ACT scores and a transcript with rigorous coursework, taking these tests can make your child a more competitive candidate.

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