The search for scholarships can be overwhelming.

While sites that match students with scholarships, like RaiseMe and Going Merry, are helpful, sometimes the best place to start the search is at home.

I’m talking, of course, about local scholarships. These are awards offered by businesses, organizations, and individuals aimed at students who live within a specific geographic area, like a city or county.

Have your child start the search for local scholarships at their guidance counselor’s office, as this is where many of these scholarship opportunities are initially directed.

Then, consider asking any local businesses that you or your family frequent if they offer scholarships Local restaurants, insurance agencies, and banks often offer scholarships or sponsor organizations that offer them. Last year, one of my students received a scholarship from his local credit union.

You’ll also want to inquire with local chapters of national organizations, such as the Elks, the Lions, Kiwanis, or Rotary International, that often make it a point to offer at least 4-5 scholarship awards to local students.

Many religious and sports organizations offer awards as well. If your child has participated with your local church, or in a youth sports league like AYSO, they may be eligible to receive an award.

Local governments also offer scholarship opportunities. Once, I approached the city manager of Azusa, CA about scholarships, and he connected me with the city’s scholarship committee, who informed that they had only received 12 applications that year!

If you’d like to expand your child’s scholarship search, UCI’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships offers an up-to-date and easy-to-navigate database of scholarship opportunities that is open to any current and future college students:


While the award amounts of local scholarships tend to be smaller, the shallower pool of applicants increases the chances of receiving these awards compared to the larger, national scholarships.

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