Here’s What We Can Do For You!

Here’s How We’ll Get Your Child Accepted To A Great College or University

(Please Note: Our services are customized to each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses)


  •  We’ll find out and develop your child’s academic, career and personal goals

  •  Provide accountability and support for you and your child

  •  Structure and manage the college monthly task timeline for you and your child

  •   Suggest PSAT, SAT, AP or ACT exam prep resources

  •  Help you and your child understand what you want in a college

  •  Explain the differences between colleges

  •  Predict and explain the potential of admittance to your child’s prospective colleges

  •  Recommend colleges and universities to your child

  •  Train your child to interact with colleges at college fairs, campus visits and interviews

  •  Guide your child through the college application process

  •  Brainstorm with your child and suggest topics to write about in their college essays

  •  Read, provide feedback and edits for your child’s college essays

  •  Teach your child how to study for Honors, AP, IB, and/or community college courses

  •  Find year-round extracurricular activities and summer programs for your child to participate in i.e internship, volunteer, independent research and unique experiences


Here’s How We’ll Get Your Child Scholarships & Grants

(Please Note: Our services are customized to each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses)

  •  Determine your eligibility for college grants
  •  Introduce you to colleges that provide the most grants 
  •  Suggest how to increase your eligibility for college grants
  •  Determine your child’s eligibility for academic merit scholarships
  •  Show your family how to qualify for the largest, most competitive college scholarships
  • Guide you in completing financial aid forms such as FAFSA, CSS Profile & Non-Custodial Profile
  •  Estimate your college financial aid awards
  •  Review your actual award letters for accuracy and fairness
  •  Support you through the financial aid appeal process
  •  Counsel you on student loans
  •  Suggest alternative ways to reduce your college expenses


Here’s How We’ll Help You Pay For College

 (Please Note: Our services are customized to each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses)

  •  Review your current financial strategy
  •  Determine your college monthly & annual budget
  •  Analyze and discuss your college funding options
  •  Quantify the financial impact of college expenses
  •  Uncover your financial strengths and weaknesses
  •  Educate you on sound financial management
  •  Recommend strategies to eliminate unnecessary expenses
  •  Craft plans to reduce your debt
  •  Improve your cash flow and savings capacity
  •  Design your college funding plan and financial strategy
  •  Provide before and after scenarios using your college funding plan


These Are The Conversations We’ll Have With Your Child

 (Please Note: Our services are customized to each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses)


We’ll Discuss With Your Child What Colleges They Want To Attend

During these meetings, we’ll discuss with your student what colleges they can attend, layout objectives and give the student a general understanding of what he/she is working towards. At the close of these discussions, both the student and the college planner will know what it will take to get your child into his/her college of choice. 


We’ll Help Your Child Understand What They Want In A College

During these discussions, we’ll teach your child how to research a college. This includes understanding the various cultures, student bodies, strengths and educational standards of an institution. Before a student applies to a college, it is important for him/her to understand what that school will offer. We’ll break down each college—ranging from sports programs to Greek life, to help your student make the best possible decision. 


We’ll Also Discuss What Your Child Can Do To Increase Their Chances Of Getting Accepted To College

During these discussions, we’ll review all of the things that colleges look for when choosing applicants. This includes your student’s: GPA, SAT/ACT scores, Honors/AP courses, extracurricular activities, and community service. We’ll also explain to your child their chances of admission to certain colleges, how to improve your student’s overall candidacy and give him/her a better opportunity to gain admission. 


We’ll Discuss What Credentials Your Child Will Need To Get Accepted & Get Scholarship Money

These meetings is designed to analyze your student’s academic qualifications (grades, test scores and activities) and chances of getting scholarship money. We’ll review the weaknesses of your student and how to improve their changes.


We’ll Talk To Your Child About What They Want To Study In College & Choose As A Major

These meetings are designed to understand the various majors your student is interested in. We’ll elicit your student’s most likely major through testing, interviewing or having them participate in programs to get first-hand experience.

We’ll Help Your Child Find Colleges That Can Suit Their Interest, Talents & Strengths

During these meetings, we’ll work with your student and fine-tune a list of colleges. At this time, you and your student will know where they are applying.


We’ll Show Your Child How To Get The Attention Of The College Admission’s Office

During these meetings your student will learn all of the different ways to get in touch with admissions officers, and how to market him or herself. Your student will learn how to talk to admissions personnel at various college fairs. Your student will also learn how to create a paper trial of letters and emails to admission departments at different schools. In addition, your student will learn how to converse during informational sessions with college admissions officers and make a lasting impression during interviews and college tours. All of these tools can be utilized to improve your student’s marketing abilities.

We’ll Show Your Child How To Write A Compelling, Unique & Memorable College Essay

During these meetings your student will discuss some of the ideas he/she has for essays. Colleges put a fair amount of emphasis on essays during the application process. Ultimately, they want to see your student’s character, accomplishments, writing skills and knowledge of their college. Therefore, it is important for your student to craft essays that reflect his/her abilities.


We’ll Also Help Your Child Plan Out Productive Summers 

During these meetings we’ll help your child plan out activities they can do over the summer that can differentiate them from other applicants. Many of these plans include summer programs that will allow your child to further explore subjects they couldn’t study in high school. They can also gain more advanced knowledge and practical experiences that will give them clarity on their potential major. Not all summer plans include summer programs. They can also include projects or advanced courses. 


These Are The Conversations We’ll Have With You As Parents


We’ll Get Deeply Familiar With Your Case

In these meetings we’ll gather your financials, become familar with your  finances, and begin structure your college plan. 


We’ll Show You What Colleges Child Can Get Accepted To & How Much Money You Can Expect To Receive

In these meetings we’ll have a report ready for you detailing a list of different schools your child is considering, along with the costs of each school.


We’ll Give You A Plan To Pay For Out Of Pocket College Expenses

In these meetings we’ll go over the best ways to pay for college and the different options that you have. 


We’ll Help You Complete Financial Aid Forms

This service provides a session where we will help you to complete FAFSA, CSS Profile, Non-Custodial Profile, Financial Aid verification forms, and college-specific financial aid applications.


We’ll Also Help You Review and Analyze Your Child’s Financial Aid Offers When They Arrive

You and your child should email all your acceptance letters and financial aid offers when you receive them. We will help you to understand these documents and discuss whether each offer was good or not. 

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