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How To Get Free Grants & Scholarships

To Pay For College

Trevor Ramos 
Author Of “How To Get FREE Money For College”

For High School Counselors:

If you’re a college counselor at a public, private or charter school, Trevor can speak to your parents of 9th, 10th and 11th graders on maximize their need-based financial aid, merit scholarships and other creative ways to reduce their college expenses. After the talk he will list out action steps as well as additional resources parents can use to follow up on what was learned in the webinar.

For College Fair Planning Committee Members:

Trevor often leads breakout sessions at college fairs to discuss the cost of attending college as well as ways families can pay for the cost with scholarship and grants.


For Community College Academic Advisers:

If you work with community college students who want to transfer to public and private colleges both in-state and out of state, Trevor can offer a workshop on how to maximize financial aid and merit scholarships as a transfer student.


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