Around this time of year a few years ago, I met with a high school senior.

It was our first time meeting and I usually don’t see seniors this late, but her high school counselor insisted that we meet.

The student, who I will now refer to as Emily, was devastated because she did not get accepted to any of the colleges she applied to.

It took close to an hour to get her to process what happened healthily and to focus on what she can do next.

The suggestion her counselor and I gave her was only supposed to be a temporary solution, but it ended up paying an integral part in her career.

Ever year NACAC (the National Association for College Admission Counseling) publishes at list of colleges that will still accept students after May 1st (Decision Day).

It also indicates whether the school still has any financial aid left. 

We found a few colleges on this list for Emily.

She applied, and later enrolled at a university–even at the 12th hour! 

Emily’s parents were not only excited because they got their “go-getter” daughter back, but the college tuition was also something they could comfortably afford.

I just checked Emily’s LinkedIn page and…sure enough…she will graduate THIS YEAR from the 4-year college we told her about!

If you have a senior in high school or student at a community college who still wants to attend a 4-year college this fall with free scholarship and grant money, it’s STILL not too late.

There is always a list of colleges still taking applications.

If you need my help, just call 626-657-7887 or go to to complete our survey.

Once I receive your answers, I’ll call you shortly with my suggestions.

While this story illustrates that it’s never too late, the truth is the longer you wait the more limited your options become.

If you’ve got a child in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade now is the time to start thinking about how to get them into college with scholarship and grant money–NOT at the last minute.  Call 626-657-7887!

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